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Welcome to the Republic, an awesome Minecraft server and community.

In your Minecraft launcher do "Multiplayer" and then "Add Server"

Put the Server Address as our IP play.therepublic.io

You can also play on Bedrock with the same IP and Port 25565

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about 1 month ago

ye so i was told abt this but x said it wasnt him but those are his screenshots so yeah but that wasnt me that notxyz dude all that stuff happened in like february u can see those screenshots are old asfuck because theyre  fro befor ethe discord update in like may  
2 months ago

In game name : xyzRank: Titan Reason for ban: hacGamemode: all of themModerator: consoleLink to ban:  ban 1487Do you admit to it? YeExplain what happened: hacs were usedWhy should you be unbanned? It's been like 2 months and idk if anyone really cares anymore so ye and it doesn't say I'm banned I just can't login cuz my password is changedProof (if required) ne
5 months ago

In game name: xyzRank: ElderReason for ban: VPNGamemode: VanillaModerator: ConsoleLink to ban: https://therepublic.io/bans/info.php?type=ban&id=412Do you admit to it? YesExplain what happened: My school PC blocks webites like disney + netflix and discord and krunker so I use a vpnWhy should you be unbanned? I play alot and I was really looking forward to the build competition For Proof I can log in without a vpn
11 months ago