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Welcome to the Republic, an awesome Minecraft server and community.

In your Minecraft launcher do "Multiplayer" and then "Add Server"

Put the Server Address as our IP play.therepublic.io

You can also play on Bedrock with the same IP and Port 25565

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please state
10 months ago

um.... jakebaa could you tell a specific date till when ill get ur and the staff's decision. please
10 months ago

ok thank you sooo much
10 months ago

In game name: toughminecrafterRank: ringleaderReason for ban: hackingGamemode: vanilla survivalModerator: SporosLink to ban: https://therepublic.io/bans/info.php?type=ban&id=140Do you admit to it? YesExplain what happened: I was testing out a new fly hack and sporos got a hint of it he /v -ed and caught me red handed (i didn't know he was there) then after a minute or so i logged off and then after a hour or so i decided i would go back n play good ol survival woth no hacks. Then when i logged back on it said that i was perma banned for hacking (somewhere arnd 20 th to 26th dec) Why should you be unbanned? Ok so after getting banned on your server i realized that how stupid i had been hacking on a 'hacking not allowed' server i just wanna go back and play good old survival please oh n i will never hack again thank u praticia and jakebaa (and all the mods)
10 months ago

toughminecrafter  vanilla
11 months ago