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In your Minecraft launcher do "Multiplayer" and then "Add Server"

Put the Server Address as our IP play.therepublic.io

You can also play on Bedrock with the same IP and Port 25565

About 1 month ago

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So, before this i suggested to add custom enchanted Shovel, Axe and Leggings, 2 of them got added, so server still doesnt have High Prot leggins. Diamond Leggins - Hephaestus (He created armor for Achilles) The enchantments of the armor depends on crate in which this item will be, if its high valued crate or low valued crate (like Winter and Snow Ball) If its in low valued crate : Protection 5-6, Unbreaking 5 and Thorns 4 If its in high valued crate : Protection 8, Unbreaking 7-8, Thorns 5-6 + Hardened 3.   Diamond Helmet - Helm of Awe (Helmet of Terror) Same as leggings with enchantments: If in low valued crate : Protection 5, Unbreaking 5, Resperation 4 If in high valued crate : Protection 7, Unbreaking 7, Resperation 8, Thorns 5 + Night Vision 1   When it comes to crates since New Year is comming i think that insted of Snow Ball there should be added crate New Year.   
21 days ago

Ee you two should do this arguing somewhere else
about 1 month ago

@Dev you dont have to be afraid of losing friends if you speak the truth. The fake ones will just leave, and you will see the change in their behaviour.
about 1 month ago

1) https://prnt.sc/20xy0fn , https://prnt.sc/20xy18h , https://prnt.sc/20xy1mc , https://prnt.sc/20xy1vm  2) https://prnt.sc/20xy31t , https://prnt.sc/20xy39v , https://prnt.sc/20xy3jp , https://prnt.sc/20xy3xv , https://prnt.sc/20xy44d , https://prnt.sc/20xy4em I dont lie , as said before - everything is in logs   
about 1 month ago

And i am beinh "very harmful or unpleasant" and making "pressure or intimidation" ?Everything in my explanation makes sance and its proven via logs that u cant hide. If you dont want to look for them i will be more then happy do it for you since you are being this nice to me :)
about 1 month ago