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Welcome to the Republic, an awesome Minecraft server and community.

Come and play using the IP play.therepublic.io
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She is a good ownner
7 months ago

Hi! 😉 I'm Praticia, the owner and Jakebaa's gf who is an admin 😘💞
8 months ago

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Welcome to the New Republic adventurer!  A warm welcome from the staff and admins. New Republic has an amazing Minecraft experience in games like Vanilla Survival, New Republic Survival and Skyblock. We have an in-game economy, reward crates and rankup by voting, rare collectible items, mob head drops, mob spawners, player shops, auctionhouse and more.   Can you survive in this dangerous world?   Come and join our community in game or on Discord! Server IP play.therepublic.io
8 months ago

Love you all of my heart
8 months ago

Name: Praticia Age: 21 Games you play: Minecraft, Overwatch, CSGO, Dead by daylight, also moblie games, etc. Favourite Minecraft game mode: survival Hi I'm the owner and Jakebaa's gf who's an admin. Of course, we are actual couple in real life and we like playing games and do many things together. Yeah... I'm good at Overwatch and other games as well Because I do like to play games 🤭
8 months ago