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Sometimes , people just need an explications , sometimes it's not about a warn or a ban , it's just about the discuss , others mods are warning without looking the  people intentions , and it's a way of moderating , but im not doing like that , Im looking to the people and try to speak with them , explain to them what they did wrong first , and if they do it again , i'll warn . it's a way of moderating , if you are so perfect as moderator , why you aren't one ?i'll see with prat what we are doing , if i get demoted or other things , i heard that you are mad at me because you don't like Pika and he didn't got warned , but im not gonna change my way of moderating for you :) (there is no malice in this message, I only explain the situation to you)
3 months ago

Hey :D im the french girl , u maybe know me as "FlyingCow32" !  Im a server  staff , Helper since december , and Moderator since February ! I love Video games I play often to Minecraft , Apex legends and Minecraft (i luv cube gam) I also own a Village on the survival gamemode , u can acces to it by typing "/pw FlyingSnow" I love eating and cuddling my crocodile plush Im no a UwU gurl but Love on you :D
5 months ago