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Welcome to the Republic, an awesome Minecraft server and community.

In your Minecraft launcher do "Multiplayer" and then "Add Server"

Put the Server Address as our IP play.therepublic.io

You can also play on Bedrock with the same IP and Port 25565

hello :D
About 1 month ago

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Well i lost my sword to bubbaz 2-3 days ago and he kept hitting me with his hands almost broke my OP Armour and he disarmed me and took my sword when head asked him to return it he started arguing with him about how the sword is his bec he disarmed me and it belongs to him now. Im like wth dude just bec u have a high unarmed skill dosent mean u can yoink peoples sword. Welp after that a heated argument followed by head threatening to ban him. And under that pressure the finially gave back my sword. He needs to be punished!!. [Also hes annonying] [This whole incident happened after xyz_uchiha lost his sword to bubbaz]
24 days ago

Hi im Dev :) i love to play minecraft :_:
about 1 month ago

and i am speaking the truth im not afraid of losing friends im just saying the truth
about 1 month ago

I just wanted to point out some stuff i was afk at the time when free warned me which means i was away from keyboard. 1 warn was enough but he warned me 2-3 times and then banned me for using a afk pool. Again i dont mind it it deserverd a warn and a mute but a ban for afk pool? That too for 6 hrs not good Free i dont wana side on anyone and i dont wana spread hate between my friends im just pointing out how the way i got treated and nowadays free is a bit better with me. Again i hope this post will not change the behaviour of my friends to me im just pointing out what happened. And again if someone is reading this i just wana point out what actually happened not proving anything or anyone was lying abt me and im not taking anyones side im neutral. so if a friend is reading me pls dont change ur behaviour towards me :0
about 1 month ago