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A crate influents by Illuminati Mythology Take this as an additional crate or replace it with Mythical or Legendary Crates Crate Name - Crate of Illuminati Includes - Sword - The Illumination (High Wither or Blindness Enchantments with high sharpness and looting) Bow - The Secret (Wither Arrows Enchantment) Helmet - Kether (Night vision and high Protection Enchantments) Chest plate - Tiphereth (Hardened, high Protection, and Thorns Enchantments) Leggings - Jesod (High Protection and Thorns Enchantments) Boots - Malchut (Sonic, high Protection Enchantments) Golden Apples - Jester's Apples (Normal or Enchanted) Pickaxe - Weishaupt (High Unbracking, Efficiency, and Fortune Enchantments) Illuminati Kit(like winter kit) - Its name should be Kabbalah Kit   Those are all my suggestions, I think this Illuminati thing will be a superb hit and don't forget to add some disguises and other cool stuff
about 1 year ago