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zli is {removed}
Started by notxyz


2 months ago

I really didnt even see this thats why im replying this late.

I dont know who is posting this or who is behind this post but lets talk about it.

As, i think, 90% of players that were playing back then know that i had beef with Lauren and that there were hard words spooken from both sides, even at one point Z (xyz) got involved. 

I like it how people are saying "Zli pedo" when i talk to a kid that is talking to me the same way, and when their small brains is run out of the words the first thing they will say to someone older then them is "pedo" , like trust me, at a single point i wasnt frustrated about it nor were the things i said provoked by that, they were provoked when someone starts talking about my mother and my family like Lauren did, but in /msg (people who need to see those photos already saw them, since this person is not one of them i dont need to send him anything) , Lauren was saying that my mother was a dead prostitute and that some other family members of mine are dead or soon to die.


I would really like to get to know who se the person behind this account so i can know the reason why they are posting this, prob. i didnt give them something or idk.


2 months ago

And yes, you can see that clearly this post is bias becaise its only showing the photos of the things i said to Lauren and not the other way around. 

2 months ago

ye so i was told abt this but x said it wasnt him but those are his screenshots so yeah but that wasnt me that notxyz dude all that stuff happened in like february u can see those screenshots are old asfuck because theyre  fro befor ethe discord update in like may


2 months ago