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Free & Arc
Started by yznx15

i accedintly closed the website after finishing writing this (it was like 2k words) , rip

anyways, i had an incident with free and arc a while ago about a pfp i had about 9/11 which was pretty stupid not of me and i apologize for that, my problem is that when i first used it arc told me in #vanilla-chat (i dont think thats the right place to tell me anything IMO) he told me to change it and as the funny person i am (sarcarism) i said "nu" altho i went to change it, now i dont know if you guys know about this really cool thing called "real life" and how it exists, unlucky for me, my dad called me and he needed me for 30 mins, not alot to be honest, this all happened when i was choosing my new pfp, so i come back after 30 mins and im banned from the server, my pfp is changed in that moment, and i msg the one and only, the one, the myth, the legend, freeracing(some numbers here) and i tell him as the friend he was to me (ss below)

(funny man X)-why an i kicked

from da server

bruh u kicked me too


(free, aka the tryhard helper)- Firstly, inappropriate pfp, and secondly, you didnt listen to a staff member when they asked you to change it. Appeal on the forum.

(X)- i was changing it when he told me
i just said no jokingly (funny i know)

(free)- when i kicked you, you still had it
(X)- i was in the mid of changing it bro
(free)- it takes you half and hour to change a pfp?
(X)- free theres real life, i have parents that call me
(free)- im not unbanning you, apeal on forums
(X)- why didnt i get warned?
(free) its discord not minecraft
(X) ok thanks free
(free) for?
(X) since when do yall ban for pfp's?, also theres a sh** ton of people with fuc**** hen*** pfp's
(free) since you dont listen to staff (???)
(X) why did no one say sh** about them
(free) none of them are a terrorist attack
(X) *replying to a previous msg* i told u i was in a mid of something
(free) and i told you to go appeal on the forums
(X) im not going back to the server, not with helpers like you there

now after all that i get a word today from a member of the staff team that free and arc are trying their best to ban me from the minecraft server becuase "he has a terrorist attack pfp", "we shouldnt forgive him" firstly: i changed the pfp as soon as i had the chance to, secondly: i was never forgivven since i got banned from the discord server, thirdly: i didnt get a warning or a headsup about this, fourthly: i never knew a pfp could get someone banned, and lastly: i was banned on the discord server why would i even have a chance of being banned in minecraft since the pfp was in discord and free himself said "its discord not minecraft"????



ss #1:  https://paste.pics/888db0881ef66823edfe9f7af6bbf64c

ss #2:  https://paste.pics/d14718a2017cffa6c742da8833633bfb

ss #3: https://paste.pics/9d71dcc0cdf3b1bb3624a8183e7e84a6



- yznx15 (X) 


<time datetime="2021-06-10T14:01:24.774Z" aria-label="5:01 PM">5:01 PM]</time>


<time datetime="2021-06-10T14:01:24.774Z" aria-label="5:01 PM">

from da server
<time datetime="2021-06-10T14:01:24.774Z" aria-label="5:01 PM">[5:01 PM]</time>
<time datetime="2021-06-10T14:00:28.780Z" aria-label="5:00 PM">[5:00 PM]</time>

7 months ago

funny enough, i just got told that the admin team lost their perms to ban/kick in the discord server bec of my incident and bec of free and arc lol, also this is the 2nd complain they get , wow, seems like making them helper was a mistake but oh well we voted for them anywyas, and i think we should have the chance to vote for them to get demoted :)

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7 months ago

Topic closed as we discussed this with yznx on discord

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7 months ago