Report on FreeRacing and ArcaneLord helper abuse
Started by Zli

So to make it all short : this 2 are abusing the Helper powers kick/mute/warning

Z made a sign with "Gas Chamber" on it, i made a joke i will make 1 myself , then Arcane , the guy who cryed cuz no one wanted to give him free ranks got sad and angry and started talking to me, im not the one who will just ignore him so i replyed , i guess he is not used to people talking back to him , so he started calling me on private discord (i guess to talk shit cuz in game he needs to be nice lil helper) and i ignored him and removed him from private group i didnt even knew he was in, i guess thats what got him angry, everything else u can read in vanilla chat so he doesnt say i "spinned" my own or his words.

he kicked me from discord server so i can report him there for "toxic" reason , even tho u can see that i said there in chat.

next u have freeracing who starts kicking me from server for no reason, just because, i guess, i attacked his fellow helper.

i didnt know helper can abuse their power on players, but i guess they can, since the old ones were way cooler then the newbie ones.

i mean im not the only one who got attacked by salty arcanelord , in warning log u can see that he is giving them to like every 2/3th player, i guess when he has a bad day he just joins the server and starts giving them out for free.


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Over 2 years ago

to be clear, he even doesnt know why he kicked me from discord , u can sell all the msgs i sent thro it. tipical power abuse. 

Over 2 years ago

freeracing is even giving me a double warning even tho hungry gave me one before that.
can one of owners react? u have all chats in vanilla discord.

Over 2 years ago

Thanks the staff are discussing this problem. But you did keep posting about gas chambers after being asked not to?

It'll be better to discuss this on the Discord.


Over 2 years ago