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In your Minecraft launcher do "Multiplayer" and then "Add Server"

Put the Server Address as our IP play.therepublic.io

You can also play on Bedrock with the same IP and Port 25565

Pls ban kobe
Started by evanchaozz

So about 5 to 6 days ago a guy named "kobe" kept telling me to tp to him, my screen literally froze for 3 minutes and once it loaded in I lost all my stuff. Once I went back to my death place he basically tp killed me and logged out with all my stuff in it, PLEASE ban him and really want my stuff back from him. For proof, I asked Sporos to go vanilla survival and /co-inspect the place and 100% sure he made the trap. 

8 months ago

Pretty sure that nub banned 👌

SERVER IP: play.therepublic.io

8 months ago

Thank you Jake :D

7 months ago